They New York Two-Tone Low

Minimal sneakers that come in a range of original designs and colors. Good quality and comfort at a better price than the trendiest option.
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Air Purifier

Coway AP 1512HH Air Purifier

Prepare for wildfire season with this durable and effective air purifier. The HEPA filter lasts longer thanks to the two filters placed in front of it.
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B&O Over-Ear Headphones

Great, balanced sound. Comfortable, stylish, and made with premium materials. This closed headphone won’t leak sound in or out.
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Duvet Cover

Casper Cool Supima

Made with the crispest, coolest, and smoothest percale cotton, this duvet cover also sweats the details, like a zipper closure and buttoned corner ties.
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Hand Drill

Fiskars Manual Rotary Craft Hand Drill

For most jobs, an electric drill is overkill. This cheap hand drill will do the job without noise, charging, or plugging in.
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Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Harmony

This yoga mat made with natural rubber is the grippiest you can find. It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.
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Litter Box

NVR Miss Litter Box

The tall walls and the small entrance on the side of this litter box make sure everything that needs to stay inside stays inside.
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Pet Heating Pad

Marunda Pet Heating Pad

Cats love this large and cozy heated pad with a washable cover.
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Chopping Board

Proteak End Grain Chopping Board

End-grain will heal from knife scratches like no other cutting board material. And it looks like a statement piece. Be mindful of moisture and oil this regularly and it will last a lifetime.
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Felo Wood Handle Screwdriver

Hold this in your hand and you’ll know why it’s considered one of the best screwdrivers in the world.
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Screwdriver Set

Wera Tool-Check Plus

Every screwdriver bit you’ll ever need, plus a bit ratchet and a regular handle to go with it. All in a tiny package.
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Anker 30W USB-C

A super-compact and powerful USB-C charger.
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Tea Set

Teaware House Gongfu To Go Travel Tea Set

This tea set comes with everything you need to brew tea “gongfu” style, which extracts the most flavor out of your loose leaf. This one also comes with a carrying case so you can bring it with you.
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Skin Oil

The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil

The Ordinary sells all the best ingredients for your skin for a steal. This oil provides moisture and slows down aging.
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ORB Audio 50 Watt Amplifier

An amplifier based on the famous T-amp chip, with two inputs and a remote. Amazing sound quality in a small package.
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Ceramic Jars

Be Home Stoneware Container with Acacia Lid

Beautiful ceramic jars with an air-tight wooden lid. They come in three sizes and three colors.
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Steak Knives

Victorinox Swiss Modern Steak Knives

Razor-sharp steak knives with a modern design and a gorgeous wood handle.
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Shiseido Senka

Japanese sunscreens – unlike US-made ones – use ingredients that last throughout the day. This one applies like a dream and doesn’t leave your face looking shiny.
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Face Cream

CeraVe PM

A simple cream that packs the two most essential ingredients that keep your skin healthy: hyaluronic acid for hydration, niacinamide for your pores.
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Tea Pot

Hario Jumping Leaf Tea Pot

A great way to brew your loose leaf teas. Plenty of room for leaves to bloom while you admire the progress and color of your brew. A filter in the spout keeps all the leaves inside as you pour.
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Water Filter

Berkey Big Berkey Water Filtration System

A huge step up from the tiny plastic Brita carafes you can find at Target. This filters water better, faster, and stores more of it. Filters last forever.
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Sensodyne ProNamel Alpine Breeze Toothpaste

One of the few toothpastes without sodium lauryl sulphate, which is known to cause canker sores. Plus the subtle “alpine breeze” mint flavor tastes better than most natural toothpastes.
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Shaving Cream

Proraso Protective and Moisturizing Shaving Cream

A moisturizing shaving cream that won’t have you smelling like an old man. Works just as well as creams five times the price.
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Shaving Brush

Semogue Owners Club Super Badger Shaving Brush

The best combination of softness and backbone, with a great looking cherry handle.
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Lavilin 72 Hour Roll-on Deodorant

Alcohol-free, aluminum-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. Doesn’t stain your clothes. And it works!
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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X

This tiny box is a rock-solid alternative to a consumer home router. A little harder to set up than your typical consumer router, but it’s worth it. Pair it (and power it) with a Unifi access point and the PoE injector comes with it.
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WiFi Access Point

Ubiquiti Unifi AP-AC-Lite Wireless Access Point

A tiny disk that runs circles around consumer WiFi routers. Powered via the network cable, so you can place it where it needs to be, without worrying about power outlets. For large spaces, a few of these make a great team.
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OXO Good Grips Wooden Spoons

Wooden utensils look great and won’t scratch your pots. These have a shape that makes them durable, easy to hold, and easy to clean. Plus hooks for hanging. Also buy the matching set of spatulas.
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Kalita Wave

The flat bottom and the wavy shape of the filters help this dripper create more even extractions.
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Espresso Machine

Breville Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler

By far the best value home espresso machine Double boiler, PID-controlled temperature, programmable preinfusion, great steam wand. Unique ergonomic features make this arguably a better home machine than others costing thousands more.
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Coffee Grider

Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Grinder

This grinder from renown Seattle-based manufacturer Baratza is remarkably innovative for such a low price point. Great for drip and all the way to espresso.
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Pizza Stone

Baking Steel 16 ✕ 14 ✕ ¼ʺ Baking Steel

Steel absorbs and conducts heat much better than stone. This pizza “stone” will take your pizza crusts to the next level.
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Sneaker Cleaner

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit

A magical blend of natural oils that will make your sneakers look almost new.
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Protein Supplement

Jarrow Unflavored Whey

Whey protein is the best at speeding up recovery and promoting muscle growth after a workout. Unfortunately most whey on the market is flavored with unhealthy – and often unpleasant – sugars or artificial sweeteners. Pure whey actually tastes good in milk, and is cheaper.
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Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C2

A timeless, popular powerhouse that never loses suction. Much quieter and more reliable than the flashy bagless machines.
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Westerly Commander

Wooden handle with a waxed cotton canopy supported by a fiberglass frame. Never has there been a more elegant yet cutting-edge umbrella.
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Drömma 12″ Triple-Layer Memory Foam

A generous 1.5″ top layer of natural latex provides breathability and a slight bounce. A middle layer of gel memory foam provides cooling and contouring. Comes in two different firmness options to suit more body types. Free shipping and returns within 200 days.
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Glass Jars

Chabatree Cynosure

Beautifully shaped mouth-blown glass with Acacia wood lids. An invisible rubber seal keeps the contents airtight.
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